Monday, July 6, 2009

Medicine Chest

what's in your medicine cabinet?Image by double dose via Flickr

While we are on the subject of my fantasy house and it's fantasy bathroom, let's take a look at how to organize my fantasy medicine cabinet.

First off, check all your expiration dates. They don't just put those on there to make you buy new ones every couple of years. Expiration dates serve a purpose. Some times medicinal items lose their potency after a period of time or their potency changes to a point that it could actually be harmful to you.

Do not dump medicines down the toilet anymore. Take it to your local pharmacist and they will dispose of it properly. With so many water reclaimation projects going on, it is no longer just to dump and flush.

Put things you use everyday on the bottom (usually deepest) shelf so the are readily accessible.

In that same respect, put things you rarely use or have on hand just in case on the higher shelves so they don't "get in the way".

Take bandaids and such out of their bulky boxes and put them in a clear jar (preferably with a lid to avoid accidental spilling). You can see what is inside and it will fit better and not get knocked over as easily. Ditto for cotton balls and q-tips. {{If your jars are cute enough, and you are not sharing a vanity with me, you could even place the jars on the vanity counter if these are items you often use.}}

Write a list of prescriptions including dosages and the pharmacist's phone number and tape it inside the cabinet door in case of emergency.

Keep tubes and non-standable items in an acrylic holder.

If you take a little time to put it in order and take an even littler amount of time to keep it in order, you can save yourself a lot of time.

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